Rainbow Planet Montessori Childcare - Woodland Hills, California


We are so fortunate to have found Rainbow Planet Montessori! Sending our daughter (who started at 9 months old and now almost 3) has been the best decision we have made after moving into the area. Fariba (‘Fafa’) loves and nurtures each child as if they were part of her family. The children learn in a fun and joyful setting and gain the skills to be respectful and competent. After experiencing much larger daycare/preschools with our older son — the individual attention given to each child and their needs at Rainbow Planet Montessori goes unmatched! I highly recommend it!

- Brooke

Three years ago, My daughter started at Rainbow planet Montessori learning center when she turned one. I was so worried and skeptical about signing up our girl at such young age to any school. My husband and I visited a couple of schools, but right away, we knew that rainbow planet Montessori was it. It’s a small school that provides a more intimate environment, children get more one-on-one attention, and we think that is so important when they are little. Schools with 20+ children were scaring me from the begging. Rainbow planet Montessori school is excellent for starting children young, interacting with other children, and learning simultaneously. My child never cried and never had any anxiety attending for two years. I have to point out that it is infrequent for kids to get sick because it is a small school, and easy to spot if the child is not well before it gets others sick. My daughter, at two, could speak clearly and put together sentences as I’ve never seen. I have childcare experience, so I know what I see and essential in a child’s development.

My daughter is three years old, talks like she is 6-7 years old, counts, sings, dances, loves doing projects, and running around. She is brave and confident. She started attending part-time at one and, after two months, was going full time, and I didn’t fight it because we saw immediately how much our child was enjoying being with other children, playing, and learning. Fariba “Fafa” is a wonderful, warm and loving person. Very approachable and kind. We trust her experience and teaching techniques 120%, and we highly recommend her school to everyone we know. We don’t even have to say much about Rainbow Montessori because of how well developed our child is and advanced. We don’t have to convince anyone. I hope every parent looking for appropriate child care will first check out Rainbow planet Montessori because it is one of a kind. 💜

- Agnieskia C

I have two kids that attend Rainbow planet Montessori. My oldest started when she was about one year old, and my youngest started with her when he was only five months. I am impressed by how much my oldest has learned and is ready for kindergarten. She knows her alphabet and can write her name; she recently learned numbers with simple additions and subtractions. They even recently learned about planets and their solar system. My kids have learned good social skills and learned how to share and express their needs and wants. They love Fafa and respect her; that speaks volumes. I know my daughter will be missing her in the fall when she transitions to kindergarten. You will be pleased to send your children to Rainbow Planet Montessori.

- Silvy M

FaFa (Fariba, but the kids call her Fa-Fa) was a pure blessing for our family. She has a gorgeous, immaculate home-based Montessori school with a perfect setup for the kiddos. She is very organized and clean, which was SO important to us. She is highly knowledgeable about kids - of all ages - per her 17 years of experience. We were anxious to trust anyone with our expectations for our three-month-old searched everywhere, even put a deposit down somewhere, but got second thoughts. We got referred to FaFa through NextDoor, and as soon as we met her, we knew she was an answer to our prayers. She taught our baby how to nap, even also so sweet with the kids - she knows how to engage them, guide them, and make them feel loved. She also knows how to prepare them for preschool! Our daughter is not of that age yet, but we would see the other kiddos learning their letters and drawing them perfectly as she prepared them for the next step. I can't say enough positive things about FaFa and the staff. They are loving, assertive, and passionate with our kids. . I refer to FaFa as the “Grandma I never had. “We, unfortunately, had to move out of state, so we are now distraught with trying to find someone as good as them in our new home. We miss them terribly, and we have already received texts telling us how much they miss our little one.

- Darice G

When our family decided to move from California across the country, even though I knew I was going to miss and mourn it, the thing that broke my heart was to pull our two-year-old daughter out of Rainbow Planet Montessori. The woman that runs the school, Fariba has a commanding presence which was perfect for our daughter to learn from and follow; she is very loving and kind, sending photos, talking us through our daughter's different and sometimes difficult behaviors, making special parties for the kids, decorations for each holiday, creating a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for each. Fariba, or FaFa, as we came to call her, had a bond with our baby, which was undeniable. Our daughter loved it there so much that she would shut the door on us to leave. Fariba clearly cares for every one of her students; on our tour, the space was so clean we felt we could eat off the floor. She always made herself available if we needed anything, and we miss her dearly. We would highly recommend enrolling your children here. She is fiercely protective of the safety of her students and, on top of her sick policies to keep everyone in her charge healthy and happy. I won't forget seeing her former students drop by with their families to see her and say hello; I completely understand why.

- Maggie R

Fariba, the teacher and the owner of Rainbow planet Montessori, is great with children. Our daughter, who’s six months old, is thriving. Fariba is very loving, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. We are fortunate to have found her.

- Nadine G

Our daughter Lucy has been attending Rainbow Planet Montessori Learning Center for over a year and we could not be happier! We have known Fariba for over 10 years as our older daughter Bella also went to Rainbow Planet and had a wonderful experience there. Fariba is the most caring, trustworthy and loving teacher and she is like part of our family. Lucy has learned so much at school, including the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and the days of the week before she was two years old! She is also extremely independent, responsible and helpful which she has also learned from being in school. Lucy loves going to school every day and we would wholeheartedly recommend Rainbow Planet to anyone as the best Montessori learning center!

- Susan & Robert

I've known Rainbow planet for past 5 years. My older son started going there when he was a year old. Due to my great experience with the school, I decided to have my younger son gain the same experience e as well.

The owner of the school "Rainbow Planet" Fariba, is well educated, organized, clean and loving. She runs the school very well and I admire her patience and love towards all the kids. Not only her school is homey, but she is Montessori certified and educates children with the latest Montessori principles to their level of interests and mental power. She also provides materials and environment which will help them to develop and get ready for kindergarten. I highly recommend this school to everyone who is looking for a wonderful experience for their children.

- Atoosa S

We love Fariba and Rainbow Planet Montessori childcare center so much. Our daughter, who started at 2.5 years old, is very happy there. We were choosing between 5 options (4 preschools and 1 nanny) and decided togo for Rainbow Planet.

Our daughter started in the summer for daily half-day sessions She is now 3 and goes for full-day sessions. She looks forward to the healthy meals with Fafa and her classmates (different ages, since it is Montessori). Fafa even changed her menu to include more of our daughter's favorite vegetables, and added oatmeal and eggs to the breakfast menu.

Every day we see that our daughter learns something new -- it could be a new game or letter or artwork, or just inter-personal skills dealing with other kids. She also learns phonics and now she reads 3-letter words! We are very impressed.

We speak with Fafa frequently about our daughter so we are very much updated on her progress. We highly recommend Rainbow Planet to parents who want a safe, homey, clean and Montessori-style school for their preschooler. A real gem in our neighborhood.

- Teresa K

Rainbow Planet Montessori Childcare - Woodland Hills, California

When my husband and I were searching for a safe, reliable childcare to trust with our most important treasure of our life, our daughter, it took a lot of tours and visits and research.

We heard about Rainbow planet Montessori trough a friend of ours. Maid a visit and decided this is the place for our princess. Rainbow planet is a fun, developmental place with personal attention to each child. SOPHIA is 3.5 and loves going to school and spending time there, she loves to show off what she has learned that day and tries to get us practice the same subject. Being able to trust the school and feel comfortable that we are doing the best for our child is a great feeling. Thank you for all the love, support and passion for our Sophia!!!!!!

- Nadia Z

I was introduced to Fariba and Rainbow Planet Montessori through my brother as my niece had been in her program for a couple of years. I was very impressed with all that my niece had learned and only heard great things from my brother and sister in law. Therefore, when it was time to enroll my son in a preschool program, I knew that Rainbow Planet would be the best place for him.

I have been very pleased with Fariba's method. I know that my son is in good hands. He very much enjoys going there as well. I would highly recommend Rainbow Planet Montessori to any parent looking for an enriching environment for their child.

- Sanam Z

Rainbow Planet Montessori Childcare - Woodland Hills, California

Fariba Javadi and Rainbow Planet Learning Center is fantastic. We have been extremely lucky to find Fariba, as she cares for our child as if it's her own. Her entire staff is the same way. I don't refer to her place as a "Daycare", rather it is that more of a school and learning center. Time is committed daily to projects and learning. My child has developed tremendously since attending.

Each month Fariba develops a plan and shares that through a newsletter to the parents. It also gives us some helpful reminders and an understanding of what they are working on for the month. They also have a lot of fun! This is more than I could hope for with caring for my child. There is also nothing institutional about it, as it is a warm environment in her own home. This is important to the comfort of children being away from their family during the day, every day.

Fariba is reliable, understanding, and extremely organized. Her center is clean ALWAYS and she is great about involving the children in her everyday life. She is someone that is easy to communicate with and understanding of what children and parents go through. I appreciate the love and care that she provides for our child and our family. I am so thankful to have found this place. I always refer to it as perfect! Thank you Fariba and Rainbow Planet. If you need to call me, I would be glad to be contacted.

- Jennifer J

I have been sending my 2 children to Rainbow Planet Montessori for over 2 years and we have been very happy. Fariba (Fafa) does a great job fostering an environment for play and learning.  The children spend time in a Montessori classroom, a more traditional preschool classroom, and an outside play area, allowing them plenty of time to play and learn. My children have acquired important social skills, including sharing, learning how to say they are sorry, and expressing their needs and wants, in addition to learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, days, months, seasons, writing, etc. We recently visited several kindergarten and preschool classes at nearby schools. We were surprised to learn that much of what my 2.5 year old has been learning at Rainbow Planet doesn’t even get covered until the children enter the 4 year old classroom. I am sure my daughter will be more than ready for her first day of kindergarten in the fall, and that she will miss Fafa very much! You will be happy sending your children to Rainbow Planet Montessori.

- Erin R

We had the opportunity of sending two of our children to Rainbow Planet. Our oldest son really thrived there. Being the youngest at the school (only 2 at the time), he was able to interact and learn from kids slightly older than him, which really challenged him and taught him great life lessons.

Our youngest, now 3 ½, has been with Rainbow Planet for over a year. We watched her grow and thrive in a nurturing, safe and loving environment. She loved going to school! Which is really a testament of a good school and great teachers. Ms. Fa-Fa, as the kids call her, is a wonderful teacher who loves each child like her own. Rainbow Planet is a perfect choice for parents wishing to slowly and gently introduce their kids into school, and is a great place to start their school journey.

We will miss Ms. Fa-Fa and Rainbow Planet very much, and it will forever be in our hearts.

- Eva and Andrew Rankin